Our company was founded in 1983 by our today Managing Director Mr Spyros B. Piperas, B.Sc in Chemistry, who at that time had already a 10 years experience in technical sales of raw materials mainly addressed to the Paints and Plastics Industries.

Today, our company is dealing again with agencies and trade of chemicals for the Paints & Adhesives and Plastics Industries. It consists of eight people: Our secretary, four sales people, our Warehouse-keeper & truck-driver, a financial coordinator and a part-time accountant.

Our 120 sq.m. Office is of our ownership, situated between the Ledra Marriot and the Intercontinental Hotels, not far from the Athens city center, whereas our Warehouse of some 300 square meters is situated in the heart of the industrial area between Athens and Piraeus. Our Warehouse - five meters high - is fully operational, equipped also with a fork-lift. We also have a 5 tons capacity lorry which we use to transport goods from our Warehouse to small customers in the major Athens area, as well as to transport goods to transport-agencies for further trans-shipment to the rest of Greece.

Our policy is always to cover the whole range of customers: big, medium and small sized ones in order to better control our market. At this end we tend to sell ex-stock i.e. to small customers, only materials we are the agents for. Obviously big consumers are directly invoiced by our Principals and we only get a commission.

Now, we would like to give you the names of our main Principals:


CINKARNA (Slovenia)
Titanium Dioxide
Micronized silica (inorganic matting agents)
PU a.o. dispersions, alkyd resins, acrylic resins, polyesters a.o.
Defoamers, dispersing agents, leveling agents, waxes (solved, emulsified and in powder form) and many other additives for the paints and laquers production
DEUTERON GmbH (Germany)
Polymeric matting agents for high quality solvent and water paints
GRAF & Co. GmbH (Germany)
Silicone and fluoride chemical products for paints
Wöllner GmbH (Germany)
Silicate binders and addittives
SOVITEC SA (Belgium)
Reflective glass beads for road markings & glass beads as additives for epoxy paints
CALDIC (Denmark)